Specialty Services

Car full of cigarette butts.


4 Hours*

Have you recently purchased a used vehicle that was owned by a smoker or want to help someone else quit smoking? This detail was designed to get all the ash and as much of the smell from smoking out of a vehicle. 75-100% of smells cleaned and treated, not masked. This includes a complete interior, an Ozone Treatment, Steam cleaning of headliner and Enzyme Treatment.

  • Sedan – $280

  • Mid-sized – $330

  • Full-size – $400

Mouldy car door.


Estimate by Appointment*

By using our thorough and proven cleaning process, we will get your car’s interior dried out, and all moisture, mildew, stains and all odors eliminated permanently!

Mold is toxic and shouldn’t be inhaled.

We recommend that you address any water damage problem as soon as possible to avoid any health issues.

Depending on the severity of the water damage/mold some vehicles may require the interior carpet & Padding (jute) to be removed & replaced.

Don’t wait to get your vehicle to us! The sooner we get to work washing and reconditioning your vehicle, the more we can save you!

  • Based on Quote


4 Hours*

Has your vehicles trim turned white from wax or become dried out and grey? Trim Restoration will rejuvenate the black plastic trim on the outside of your vehicle, and keep it looking crisp and free from oxidation for up to a year. We use the most innovative and cutting edge products available to restore your trim, improving the look and helping to maintain your vehicles value.

Before trading in your vehicle, contact Village Detail for a free quote on trim restoration; a solid detail with trim restoration added can significantly increase your vehicle’s trade in value.
  • By Quote (starting at $75)


Estimate by Appointment*

Did you side swipe your garage or get too close to the gas pump, accidentally drive through freshly painted road lines, Have a minor bumper collision, etc? We act as the middle ma between the body shop and the car dealership to potentially save you big bucks!

Village Detail isn’t a body shop but we’re able to repair minor damage at a fraction of the cost of a body shop. If your vehicle’s been damaged The truth is that every car is truly unique and a “one size fits all” approach to detailing is unrealistic. The reality is that a seasoned professional like myself could literally spend an entire week detailing your car to complete perfection. This is both unrealistic and inappropriate for virtually everyone and every car. let us take a look and we maybe able to save you an insurance claim or at least save you some money!
  • Based on Quote

Image of before headlight restoration.
Image of after headlight restoration.


1 Hours*

Professional Headlight Restoration can save you some serious money; when comparing the cost of a service professional restoring your headlights to the parts and labor to replace your headlight assembly, the amount of money you’ll save to achieve the same results makes restoration the sensible alternative.

Village Detail specializes in headlight restoration for any size and type of vehicle. Most headlights can be restored in a short time, to keep your vehicle looking sharp, and help improve your visibility at night. Don’t waste your money on replacing your headlight assembly – call us today to get your headlights restored for a fraction of the cost.
  • $99.99 for two lights

  • $60.00 For A Single Light

Image of before paintless dent repair.


Estimated By Appointment

Dents can detract from the appearance and value of your vehicle, but our experienced technicians use the latest techniques to restore its smooth surface. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality dent repair services that leave your car looking as good as new. Plus, our fast turnaround times mean you can get back on the road in no time.

Our dent repair services use specialized tools to gently push dents back into place without damaging the surrounding paint. We offer fast, convenient service with competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about our range of auto detailing services, including paint correction and ceramic coating.
  • Based on quote

Before and after seat vinyl and leather repair.


Estimate by Appointment*

The complete exterior package includes a soft wash cloth car wash, under carriage & towel dry, removal of all bugs and tar, full exterior clay bar treatment, clay hood and trunk, dress all exterior trim, orbital buff with cleaner wax, clean rims, tire shine application, hand paste wax with paint sealant application, and cleaning of the exterior windows.
  • Based on quote

*Some exceptions apply, based on vehicles condition


Wether you had/have an oil leak or you’ve just neglected your vehicle’s engine, Village Detail has the state of the art steam cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean your engine while using minimal water. After a thorough degreasing all plastic and rubber surfaces are dressed with a water based dressing leaving a shiny clean appearance!

(Village Detail isn’t responsible for any damage while cleaning an engine. We have never had an issue but with todays computerized engines we can’t be liable without charging an exuberant amount of money for the service so our insurance would cover such damage)
  • $75.00

  • Includes an Ext. Car Wash

Let the auto detail experts of Massachusetts handle all your cleaning and polishing services. With over 20 years of experience in the auto detailing industry, you can trust that we’ll provide you with maximum results at a competitive price to keep your car looking show-room pristine.